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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Is...You! October 7th & 8th!! 2 Workshops!

I'll be teaching Sculptural Bird & Beast Ornaments @ Art Is...You, October 8th!
We'll create your favorite avian & or four legged creatures in this workshop. Using simple sculpting techniques you'll make your own flock of birds, pack of dogs, warren of rabbits, any beast of your choice!

In this workshop we'll learn the techniques to design & sculpt our own personal music box.

Pick your favorite tune from a long list of available songs (see the link for Kikkerland music boxes) & illustrate it in three dimensions.

We'll use polymer clay over a glass ornament, wire, lollipop sticks for leg support, wire & oil paints for the figure & a round cardboard box as a base. Using a technique of applying, rubbing & reapplying oil paints a vintage feeling is achieved.

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  1. I just love love love musical boxes! Yours are so wonderfuly done and such a great idea!