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Thursday, January 31, 2013

10:00AM - 5:00 PM
$110.00 Plus Kit Fee ($20) 

308 West 89th Street, New York, NY

In the Sweet Beasts and Creatures Workshopwe'll craft a menagerie of your chosing. Sculpt the features and character of the animals with polymer and create a small sculpture or a hanging piece.

Learn to give just the right turn of the head or position of the eyes to create charm and feeling. After the clay is cured multiple coats of oil paints are applied and rubbed off to achieve a gentle, subtle feel.

Supplies to bring to class:
 One lb (pound) of Premo Polymer Clay. Some decent pointed brushes. a work surface some clay tools a pasta machine, if you have it (Doreen will bring one, too)
Suggested: An excellent sculpting tool that Doreen highly recommends:
#10 or # 6

A $20 Kit fee will include: Oil Paints Ornaments, paper mache and glass turpenoid Popsicle sticks ribbon glitter

Doreen's bio:
I spent many years as a professional children’s book illustrator, but eventually I wanted my work to exist off the page, on its own & have no editor but me. I tell stories or convey a feeling with my work; whether in a tile, where there is often a narrative, or in a sculpture or ornament. My pieces are in collections all over the world and in galleries in the United States. I was honored to win a Niche award in 2011 and to be a double finalist this year, the award recognizes excellence in craftsmanship. I'm thrilled to share my excitement & enthusiasm for these creations in workshops across the country and Europe.

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